About The Digitizer

I have always enjoyed crafts, especially sewing and dressmaking and then in 1998 I got my first embroidery machine, I also bought PE design, but for the first 2 years I only ever used it to transfer designs from the internet, to my embroidery card. I thought digitizing was for other people and not for me, I looked and looked at the manual, but it never made sense - how did you get a perfect single line the same thickness to take into Design centre - and once there what exactly did you do with it. I then discovered Layout & Editing, and what a difference it made. I then became 'digitizing hungry' wanting to learn everything I could - how to do this - how to do that. I was hooked and wanted to share what I had learned with others.

In 2003 the tutorial website was launched and has now grown to include my embroidery designs.

I love creating my own designs and especially the challenge of creating a digital file to enable a bag/purse etc. to be created ‘In the Hoop’.

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